• 2020 -
  • Short, Drama -
  • 20 mins

A staunch pro-life advocate and a steadfast pro-choice activist have to confront life and relationships anew when challenged by the choices they have made. 

Dealing with barriers that exist within oneself and manifest in relationships can be very vexing and challenging. Choices is a film about characters we see around us and frequently within us. They have their own definition of their life maps – lines drawn by them that become barriers they must break through. Jennifer and Altaf in this story struggle with their own barriers. Will either of them break through? Set against the back drop of the pro-life vs pro-choice debate that continues to be a societal issue in many parts of the world, especially in the US, this film illustrates the struggle of the human spirit. 

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  • CAST : Jackie Dallas, Puneet, Sherill Quinn
  • DIRECTOR : Amir Jaffer
  • WRITTEN BY : Puneet
  • MUSIC BY : Aalap Desai
  • PRODUCED BY : Ajit Mukundan
  • RELEASED / SCREENING : Disney+ Hotstar (India) & Amazon Prime Video (US & UK); Official Selection - Lake City International Film Festival - 2020; Official Selection - 5th International Short Film Festival Pune 2020; Official Selection - 9th International Film Festival of South Asia, Toronto, 2020; Official Selection - 9th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-2020; Official Selection - 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, 2020
  • AWARD : WINNER - Best DOP (Amir Jaffer) at Lake City International Film Festival - 2020 & NOMINATED - Best Actor (Puneet) at Lake City International Film Festival - 2020; WINNER - Award of Merit at Accolade Global Film Competition in 3 categories - BEST SHORT, LEADING ACTRESS (Jackie Dallas), LEADING ACTOR (Puneet); WINNER - Award of Merit at Best Shorts Competition in 3 categories - FILM SHORT, LEADING ACTOR (Puneet), LEADING ACTRESS (Jackie Dallas)
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  • LANGUAGE : English