• 2018 -
  • Short, Drama -
  • 17 mins

A middle-aged professor (Anand) finds himself unexpectedly faced with circumstances that challenge his notions about the norms of love and life.  He is resistant to the idea of a relationship with someone much younger (Priya), but love will always find a way.

In this first collaboration between Amir Jaffer (Cinema 3.0) and Prana Pictures, the complexity of relationships is explored in the context of age differences and accepted societal norms within certain communities. 

Trailer / Teaser
  • CAST : Puneet, Nadia Nazir, Marvina Reasons
  • DIRECTOR : Amir Jaffer
  • WRITTEN BY : Joyce Lee Kinney
  • MUSIC BY : Aalap Desai
  • PRODUCED BY : Ajit Mukundan, Amir Jaffer
  • RELEASED / SCREENING : Disney+ Hotstar (India) & Amazon Prime Video (US & UK); Premiered in May 2018 (World Premiere at the International Film Festival of South Asia (IFFSA) in Toronto, Canada
  • AWARD : Best Short Film at the L'Age D'Or International Arthouse Film Festival 2019 in Kolkata, India
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  • LANGUAGE : English