• 2022 -
  • Short, Drama -
  • 21mins

Based on true events this film seeks to tell a story about a subject that has too often been dismissed as an embarrassment not worthy of discussion. Bobby is a high-functioning autistic individual whose struggles are compounded by societal pressures. His parents struggle with coming to terms with their child's situation given the stigma attached to such matters in the Indian American community. It is hoped that the film is viewed as conveying that love, patience and understanding can make a tremendous difference in creating conditions conducive to enable success for the specially-abled. 


SPECIAL EVENT (click on title) -

"Autism & Us"  - A fireside chat with V. R. Ferose, Senior Vice President & Head of Academy for Engineering, SAP

Trailer / Teaser
  • CAST : Puneet, Sareeka, Amogh Karwar, Viji Nathan, David Francis Perry, Jenina Moreno, Liz Ho, Hilary Davidson, Geeta Rai, Sidhant Lochan, Aditi Honawar
  • DIRECTOR : Amir Jaffer
  • WRITTEN BY : Puneet
  • MUSIC BY : Aalap Desai
  • PRODUCED BY : Puneet, Ajit Mukundan
  • RELEASED / SCREENING : Official Selection - DC South Asian Film Festival - 2021; Official Selection - New Jersey Indian & International Film Festival - 2021; Official Selection - Calcutta International Cult Film Festival - 2021; Official Selection - 10th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival-2021; Official Selection - Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival-2021; Official Selection - Bengaluru International Shorts International Film Festival-2021 (Oscar-qualifying Film Festival)
  • AWARD : WINNER - Best Screenplay - Jury (Puneet) at 10th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival - 2021; WINNER - Award of Merit at Best Shorts Competition in 1 category - LEADING ACTRESS (Sareeka); WINNER - Award of Recognition at Best Shorts Competition in 4 categories - FILM SHORT, LEADING ACTOR (Puneet), SUPPORTING ACTOR (Amogh Karwar), DIRECTOR (Amir Jaffer)
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  • LANGUAGE : English
  • BASED ON : True events